Why Project 46?

The Foundation and the Adirondacks mean a great deal to me. Initially, I hiked the 46 High Peaks in the company of my son, Dominic. This experience inspired him to move from Montreal to the Canadian Rockies and pursue a career as a mountain guide. Tragically, on January 7th, 2008 his promising life was cut short on the slopes of Mt. St. Piran when he was killed in an avalanche. The outpouring of support manifested by the members of ADK High peaks Forum, which I ran with Tim Dubois, inspired us to found the Foundation. Since then, hiking in the Adirondacks and being involved with the foundation and the forum have been particularly helpful in dealing with this loss.

The Foundation raises funds through the forums and donates to important causes within the Forest Preserve, such as search and rescue, summit stewardships and fire tower restoration. The Foundation’s principle fund raising event is the annual Winter Gathering during which we attempt to put a party of hikers on the summit of each High Peak on the same day. As a lead-up to the 10th anniversary event I will be offering sponsorships to individuals and businesses, who can pledge an amount of their choosing for each mountain that I summit. For example, if someone were to pledge one dollar per summit and I reach the summit of all 46 peaks they would then make a tax deductible donation of $46.



12 thoughts on “Why Project 46?”

  1. Neil, I hope lots of folks are out this weekend breaking trail before you start next Tuesday. Fran and I wish you all the best!! Great effort for a great cause! See you on the 1st…

    1. Hi François,
      Thanks for your support! I’m starting my hike tomorrow only and no one is being asked to pay until I’m finished in tweleve days from now. Jack Coleman will be sending out invoices.


  2. Congratulations Neil! That was an awesome feat. Well planned. Cool way to let everyone watch your steps in real time and blogging and photos along the way made everyone very happy and proud of you!

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