About me.

I began hiking more than 35 years ago in western Manitoba and northwest Ontario where there were no trail systems. We had to make do with map and compass, which we learned by doing. I spent a number of years in the Canadian Rockies where I hiked the trails relentlessly and scrambled many trail-less summits.


After settling definitively in Montreal my wife Sylvie and I started a family and I entered into private chiropractic practice. I discovered the Adirondacks in 2004 and more or less hit the ground running. After completing the 46 peaks I went on to ascend 46 more during two consecutive winter seasons. To date I have bushwhacked 125 different peaks including all of the 46 high peaks and have climbed dozens of slides.


Project 46 embodies two accomplishments that give me great satisfaction, which are the founding of the ADK High Peaks Foundation and the administration of two Adirondack oriented forums on the Internet. Through these organisations my hiking experience and that of hundreds of fellow hikers has changed from an individual activity to one that is socially oriented. Project 46 enables me to give something back to these important entities, which in turn give back to the Adirondacks.


2 thoughts on “About me.”

  1. Dear Mr. Luckhurst,
    Leigh Hornbeck’s coverage of your 46 hiking challenge appears in the new Adirondack Explorer right above our advertisement. I would have read the article anyway, but it caught my attention right away because of its placement.

    You have found inspiring ways to remember your beautiful son, ways that spread generosity to help protect this magnificent region. Wowee! Your work strikes a chord with me personally, as I was with the Nature Conservancy during the beginnings of the Summit Steward program. It has made a big difference over the years. Having a steward on Cascade should help a lot.

    My purpose in writing is to suggest that possibly Adirondack Foundation could be of some service to you. I don’t know if that is the case, but it might be worth a conversation. It would be a pleasure to meet you in any event.

    So please give a call or stop in if you are passing through Lake Placid and not on a tight hiking schedule! We are 1.5 miles down Bear Cub Lane at Heaven Hill Farm.

    You can see about us at http://www.generousact.org.

    Best wishes for great success,

  2. Neil,
    Good luck! I’m inspired by your project. My name is Bethany Garretson. I live in Keene Valley, I’m a 46er, passionate about the Adirondacks and currently working on my own project entitled “The Hiking Project.” My objective is to climb all 46 high peaks this winter and interview people on trail as to why they hike. I will be putting my findings into a short documentary. I’m doing this as a research project for my graduate program and would love to interview you. Also, I would love to join you for some of your hikes and get video, photos and audio if that is alright by you. Please feel free to contact me by email: bgarretson@adkpeak.org or number 518-524-6355.

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