Project 46.


Neil_East_Dix_croppedStarting February 18, 2014 , as co-founder and vice-president of the ADK High Peaks Foundation, I will begin a one-man fund raising event in which I will attempt to reach the summit of each one of the Adirondack 46 high peaks. I have a window of 12 days during which I will aim for this goal. The hike will be completed in time for the ADK High Peaks forum’s 10th anniversary of its winter gathering.

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5 thoughts on “Project 46.”

  1. Neil – This is a fantastic fundraiser. I’m glad to support this and wish success for you on this effort. The ADK High Peaks Foundation is a great cause. I gave a shout out to Project 46 on my “Off on Adventure” blog in hopes that some readers may chose to sponsor as well.

  2. Neil wishing you the best, I know you have trained very hard for this. Great job on such a huge effort for the forum. All my best HOL

  3. TMax-n-Topo’s just left you our commitment to support the cause Neil! Good luck. We’ll be following you every step of the way and helping when we can (well at least David and Topo will be helping on the trail 🙂 ). Be safe…

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